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    Need advice on pellet stove

    I just purchased a new home and am interested in getting a pellet stove. The previous owners had a pellet stove, so we have the vents/intake needed. Here's where I ran into a problem. So, I am interested in getting a Harman stove, as that's the type stove I had growing up. It's been going strong...
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    Stove selection help for newbie

    I will start by saying I am not a seasoned burner, I had a wood stove in my parents house that I used about 20-25 years ago. My wife and I are in the process of having a home built. It is going to be about 1800 square foot total. It will be a 1.5 story with the upset being in the rafters with...
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    Help - New House with Fisher Stove - Questions for first time user

    Hi all! I'm in NC awaiting this winter storm and need help with my wood stove! Short story: can I use this stove safely if our power goes out? Fire bricks are badly cracked and I've never used this before Long story: we just bought a house a few months ago and I've never used a wood stove...
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    Newbie with questions: What do you know about this stove?

    Hi there! (Even if you don't recognize the stove type, I have a couple other questions, too.) Mr. Claus and I are new to fireplace business with our first home we just purchased last weekend. We got our fireplace and our stove cleaned, but didn't find out much from the sweeper, who only...