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  1. K

    Wood furnace warped - worth/safe to repair?

    Hi all, I was directed here after making a similar post elsewhere asking for opinions. Disclaimer; new to home owning, oil heating, and wood heat. We purchased our home last month and it has a combo oil/wood furnace heat system. We had a small flue fire last week, which prompted me to schedule...
  2. J

    First post, appreciate all the help I've got through the years and had a quick question.

    Replacing an old oil burning furnace with a wood burner, chimney was cleared for use, but was advised to replace the thimble as it had some cracks. Now my question is, is the clearance for oil burning appliances different than wood/solid fuel? I'll try and attach a photo, but the brick clearance...
  3. O

    temporarily wood stove install: am I putting myself at risk?

    Hello, I recently bought an uninsulated fixer-upper house and am living in it while working on it. I bought it off a family that had neglected it. I am getting building permits and going by the book, but it would be great to have more heat in here for the winter. The house has a brick chimney...
  4. J

    Boiler and an old oil furnace with nest

    Hey guys, I'm a new OWB owner, excited to start my journey! I just got the boiler filled, Wood master 4400, water is circulating and fire is burning. While I'm waiting for the water to heat I'm working on my thermostat situation and I'm at a loss. I have an old Thermo Pride two-wire oil...
  5. S

    Draft Regulator on Newmac oil/wood combination furnace

    Hi all, new member and new wood burner here 👋Threads on this site have been really helpful so far! I recently moved into a rural property and inherited the wood/oil combination furnace heating system. I've figured out that the model is the CL86/96C and the manual is actually available online...
  6. Snowden

    Safe to line chimney?

    I’m new here. I hope that I’m posting in the right area and someone might have some two cents to offer. The question in about lining a chimney in our old 1890-something home. Is there a chance our chimney could still be lined even though we were told otherwise a couple years ago? The...