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    tiny wood burning insert or stove advice needed for a rookie

    Hi all, digging into this world for the first time and learning a lot. Also realizing I have so much more to learn. And having some trouble finding a product that would work for my quirky, old, small fireplace. Our home is heated via mini splits, so we'd like to get something operational in our...
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    New home owner wood insert questions

    Hi Everyone, New user here, new home owner and a bit nervous. I am sorry if this has been explained, I just couldn't find answers that lined up with my wood insert and how it was installed/functioning. My wife and I just purchased a house and were excited to try the wood insert that came...
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    Liner and cap on a 100 year old Chimney with rectangular flue

    I need some advice getting my chimney lined and capped. Per my thread on choosing a stove, I plan on having Jotul F45 or Hearthstone Craftsbury professionally installed by the dealer. However the chimney needs to have the top courses reset, and the dealer is not a mason, so I need to solve that...
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    Please Help: To Pellet or Not To Pellet?

    Hello all n00b here. poor folks on impossibly tight budget. Location Blueridge Mountains SwVa. What should I do within my abilities? Looking at a vogelzang vg5790 from tractor Supply. My son is coming home from school and will help me with the installation if we do it. I am mechanically...