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  1. D

    Harman P61 Overheat

    Hey folks! Stove is doing some funky stuff. The other night the stove on 'Stove Temp' setting started feeding way too many pellets for no reason. Stove was burning on low for quite some time, then all the sudden started over-feeding with the thermostat at the lowest setting. Same thing...
  2. K

    Correct stove sizing for irregular layout in a small house

    Looking for advice on woodstove sizing given a non-traditional layout. I apologize in advance for the long post. Our house is 1100sq ft and well insulated. We are putting a woodstove in the living room. Our living room is long and narrow, 13ft wide x20ft deep. At the back of the living room is...
  3. W

    Hampton GCI60 Troubleshooting

    Hello, my husband and I bought our house with a Hampton GCI60 insert already installed and we love it. However we saw error code #4 pop up and I haven't the slightest idea where the reset switch even is or whatever other issue I should be looking at. My husband said it started to over heat and...
  4. V

    Gas Fire Place - Ventilation and Heat Radiant issues

    Hello fireplace experts, We recently moved to a new house with a natural gas fireplace installed in the living room (see photo below). We have the TV wall-mounted above the fireplace, which I learned it is not a good idea for the lifespan of the TV. The fireplace is very efficient and where I...
  5. Jamison

    Quadrafire Yosemite Air Flow Broken

    Hi, I have a Quadrafire Yosemite that worked great for years...now it overfires and I won't use it for safety reasons. It seems the primary air control rod no longer adjusts the air...it just moves in and out without engaging anything. So the primary is constantly open full. Dealer is no...