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  1. C

    P43 50/50 mix

    I have a p43 harman. The top of the lid says I can burn a 50/50 mixture of corn and pellets. But the salesman says not to….???? Does anyone on here burn that mix? Maybe do at 25/75 mix? Let me know!
  2. C


    Anyone running 50/50 mix of corn and pellets in there p43??
  3. T

    Need advice on pellet stove

    I just purchased a new home and am interested in getting a pellet stove. The previous owners had a pellet stove, so we have the vents/intake needed. Here's where I ran into a problem. So, I am interested in getting a Harman stove, as that's the type stove I had growing up. It's been going strong...
  4. tmsjava

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    We just had a Harman P43 installed (during 80-degree weather, LOL)! We will be purchasing the APC BE750G UPS for battery backup (just to turn the stove off). But we want to purchase a gas-run generator as well. I don't really know much about generators and I've been reading several threads here...
  5. Redrum3

    Harman P43 - New user, No Distro Blow, Weak Flame

    Hi everyone! I fired up my stove today for the first time since I bought the house in April. I started out with feed at 3, ignition on auto, mode on room temp, and temp to 75. I got a great fire but then it started to die down and I noticed that the distribution blower wasn't blowing nor was...
  6. PennPellet

    Slow Auger Feed on Harman P43

    Hi All -- long time no post. I've had my Harman P43 since Winter 2014/1015 with no problems. I currently cannot use the pellet stove because the stove is feeding pellets very slowly. The stove starts normally, it starts filling at a normal speed, then suddenly starts feeding very slowly. It...
  7. W

    P43 room temp issues

    I have a harman p43 stove. When I attempt to run the stove in room temp mode the stove will not regulate the temperature. If I set it for 70 degrees I will wake up in the middle of the night to find it 80 degrees. On initial startup if I turn the temp setting down the status light goes out but...