pacific energy vista

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  1. T

    Soot leaking from newly installed chimney pipe?

    Hi, newbie stove question. I've had an insert in the past, but just had my first stove installed a few days ago in a new house. I've burned two fires in it, both using only newspaper, kiln-dried grocery store wood, and biobricks. The smell of the paint curing was strong, so I kept the windows...
  2. A

    Asbestos in STACK Vista 640 gasket

    Hello everyone. This Is my first thread. I write you from Italy. In a Mountain house I found a STACK VISTA 640 heater and i soldi likes ti know if the two gaskets are made of asbestos. The color Is White (look at attached photo). I bought this heater at early 1990'. I Hope sincerly you can...
  3. R

    Pacific Energy Vista (general questions)

    hi everyone, I have a P.E. Vista 30 and I’m having issues with my temperature controlled blower which it came with. Basically my stove can be full burn for hours and the blower would turn off. Meaning the thermostat control wasn’t recognizing the amount of heat. Does any one have experience...
  4. Chamel

    Crack in my Replaced Pacific Energy Vista Repair or Replace?

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Not sure if I should start a new thread or resurrect my old one. I'll try to make this short. Last year I discovered some cracks in the welds of my Pacific Energy Vista after burning for a couple of seasons. After contacting my dealer he was able to...