paint smell

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    Blaze King Ashford 30 Acrid, Paint Smell

    Good afternoon, This is my first posting to this site. Thank you in advance. I had a Blaze King Ashford 30 installed in March of 2022. We did not run it much that season and pretty much only burned pine and almond. In the fall of 2022, when we started using it more, we started getting a...
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    1980s brass flame is this original? Paint burn smell

    Hi everyone, out brass flame is churning through our second fire just in time for winter. First time we noted a burning paint smell, scraped top off and much better.. but now I want to strip and recoat the main box with fireplace paint in the same color (I already sourced it on amazon). Was...
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    Still Getting Burnt Paint Smell, Second Season

    Hi, I have a Blaze King Ashford 30, with DuraVent double wall stove pipe. I dutifully followed the instructions to cure the paint, and when the burnt paint smell continued, have run the stove very hot, many times, with and without the cat engaged, to try to burn off whatever it is. I'm still...