pelpro 130

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    New PelPro 130 sooting up glass and excess ash

    Earlier this week I installed a brand new Pelpro 130. Did the initial burn off everything went well worked good that night. The stove did a great job heating our house. The next morning I got up and the stove had shut off, and the front glass was covered in black suit, and there was lots of...
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    Am I Using This Right? Pel-Pro130

    Last year I bought my first pellet stove, and had nothing but issues after 5-6 months using it because of apparent bad control boards, and admittedly partly because I never used one before. But, Hearth replaced it for me free of charge because I had to replace every internal part within the...
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    PelPro PP130 Startup Issues

    First time starting in 4 months. I have power, blinking lights. The only thing that seems to turn on is the igniter. I have tried turning the dial to a numbered position and I have tried the Hi - Low - High to prime the auger. The exhaust fan and auger will not turn on or spin. It's just a...
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    PelPro PP130 smoke leaking from glass window

    Hey all. I am brand new to owning a pellet stove and was actually gifted a pelpro pp130 as a replacement for our new home. However, after installing and running the stove a few times, I have noticed that smoke seems to leak from the seam on the outside of the door where the glass meets the...
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    PelPro starts & stops all day?!?!

    PelPro 130 starts trickles pellets gets a good flame for about 5 min then it just dies out…about 10-15 min later it will feed pellets~flame/heat~out .,,,repeats. So it’s working but it’s NOT? Any suggestions????
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    Help Appreciated! :) PelPro 130

    Hello All, I have a Pel Pro 130 stove that was recently purchased in November 2020 and professionally installed December 2020. I clean the ash pan on a daily basis and have have done a heavier clean behind the baffles. Here’s my issue, when I start the stove everything is fine until the...
  7. J

    PelPro 130 green light does not mean go

    New to the site. Bought Pelpro 130 in 2017. No problems until now. Cleaned baffles, chimney,fire pot, unplugged. Plugged in did the reset pattern and get green light blinking 1per second. Never starts back up. Any ideas?