New PelPro 130 sooting up glass and excess ash

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Oct 29, 2023
Belfield ND
Earlier this week I installed a brand new Pelpro 130. Did the initial burn off everything went well worked good that night. The stove did a great job heating our house. The next morning I got up and the stove had shut off, and the front glass was covered in black suit, and there was lots of excess ash all over in the firebox area. So I referenced the manual. It recommended a good cleaning and poor quality pellets. The pellets I was using came from tractor supply, supposed to be premium pellets. I did have some other bags of pellets from Menards premium hardwood pellets. Put a bag of those in after we clean the store we vacuumed everything out. It started right back up. Burned really well throughout the night but then later today the same thing occurred. Heavy black suit on the glass and lots of ash in the firebox area.

There is nothing in the manual that says how to fix this other than cleaning or air intake adjustment. It’s vented with 3 inch pipe, go straight out the wall to a clean out T and then up 6 feet.

If anyone has experience with this or knows how to fix this problem, I would greatly appreciate any input. Thank you in advance.
The stove is going in to a low setting. When the stoves temp probe senses the heat to the level you have the dial se to it will go to a low mode. If it turns off and the light is still blinking green you are fine. The temp in the room is hotter than the temp setting.
As for the black soot well I can say is get used to it. I have has this stove for 2 years (just over) and no matter what pellets I use I will always get the soot on the glass. I just use a rag to wipe it when I dump the burn pot daily. Or have it set higher then the stove will not got to a low burn.
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I have a PP130 that I have been using the past 4 winters (it was in the house I bought). I really haven't had the issue you mentioned regardless of my heart setting etc.

I did have 1 brand of pellets (can't remember name, but I posted a thread on it) that caused bad black soot issues but nothing besides that.

Biggest issue with soot etc is usually air flow. I believe the PP130 has a trim dial that you can mess with to see if that helps.

What elevation are you at? High elevations can cause issues too.
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