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  1. F

    Heat-n-Glo Tiara II

    We have a heat n glo tiara 2 that hasn’t had any issues in the past. Yesterday I noticed the pilot light was staying on instead of completely shutting off when not running. It was still doing that this morning so I shut everything down and now the pilot won’t light at all. It clicks and sparks...
  2. ironmanco

    Lopi Berkshire Pilot Assembly (250-00412)

    After about 20 years it looks like my pilot assembly needs to be replaced. I've got the part number from Travis for NG as 250-00412. Looks like there are a few companies that make replacements for this but wondering if there's any difference other than the $50 ;-)
  3. Q

    Heat N Glo stand alone natural gas heater pilot won't stay lit when you let off the button???

    Backstory: I have a Heat N Glow stand alone (at least 20 years old) heater. I turned off the pilot and gas to clean out the box before I start using it for the season. Issue: Once the box was cleaned and everything put back in it's place, the pilot light will no longer stay lit when I let go...
  4. E

    Superior Natural Gas Fireplace DVST-CMNS

    Hello All- I just bought a house built in the early 2000's with a Superior Gas Fireplace model DVST-CMNS. I have looked all over the internet for the manual for this fireplace but cannot find it. At some point during its life the pilot assembly was replaced with an incorrect part. I am...
  5. F

    Ancient, honorable Efil gas heater "Symphony" 49164 needs pilot lit

    New house; humiliating question: How to light pilot on this old stove? Turned gas off. Followed printed instructions on door, "find the pilot". Instead found tiny flap held on by Philips head screw in vaguely appropriate place, covering a hole about 1/4" round. Seems too small. I went to...
  6. T

    Weird buzzing noise after pilot upgrade - Insta-Flame DV34

    Hello everyone! First-time poster here with very limited knowledge. We have a direct vent natural gas fireplace in our new house (Insta-Flame model DV34) that is about 30 years old. It wasn’t really operational when we moved in - barely any flame - wasn’t cleaned and serviced in years. We...
  7. J

    Monessen NB24 Log Set - Pilot will not light

    I have a Monessen NB24 logset and the pilot light will not light after trying to purge the air out of the line for a long time (We have tried doing it probably 10 times and each time for 10 minutes or more). After doing some reading I discovered that the pilot assembly may need to be replaced...