propane fireplace

  1. H

    It's one thing after another! Please help me with my heatilator.

    Hi ya'll! Newbie here. First time owning a home and have no idea how to fix our Heatilator, Model is ND3630I. Normally we would just call our landlord but unfortunately that's not the case here. We have 2 switches on the wall, the fireplace will not light unless both is turned on. We can turn...
  2. D

    Questions: Converting Old Temco See-Thru Fireplace from Wood to Gas (Propane)

    Hello - My house was built 25 years ago and has a Temco see-thru fireplace. According to the metal tag inside the fireplace, it appears to be Temco Model #: TBST-42-1. The metal tag (attached here) states it can be used for wood or gas and has a gas line hole in the side. Temco is out of...
  3. F

    Blower power intermittent, Majestic DV580 w/ Honeywell rf control valve

    We have a 17 year old Majestic/Vermont Casting DV580 propane fireplace with a Honeywell rf control valve. We have flame and no issues with the fireplace flame working or with gas flow, so now our concern is that there is something wrong with the control valve as the blower does plug into that...
  4. A

    Fireplace not functioning

    I have a Propane fireplace model: 6000GLX-IPILP-R/S serial number: 0021113426 It was installed in 2007 It has a WSK300 wall control unit. Last March - we had a power outage and when the power returned - the fireplace would not start. - Wall Control unit - no display at all - WSK-300 control...
  5. S

    Cost of Regency u32 propane gas insert

    I'm curious if anyone would be willing to share what they paid for their Regency u32 insert with propane, and installation. We were originally thinking about going wood fireplace insert with the Regency CI2600, but now i'm starting to lean towards a gas insert and i'm curious what the price...
  6. poconoman

    Superior DR500-CMP problem.

    Hello, I have the DR 500CMP propane fireplace. The pilot is fine but when I turn the gas valve to full burn, it struggles to go all the way around the burner. In fact, it retreats back towards the pilot and suffocating it. Any idea? Thank you