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  1. K

    What am I?

    So we are in the process of renovating our open hearth area, and we have this opening? (A vent? Maybe?) We’re not sure what the purpose of it would be, and whether it’s wise to just seal it and proceed with overlaying stone on top. We are installing an insert as soon as it’s delivered.
  2. fallingpines

    New Princess 29 Insert - Questions - Running Very Hot & Installation

    New member here, just got a BK Princess 29 Insert on Tuesday. This one replaced a 93? Country Comfort 350cc left by the previous owner. I think the final measurement of the chimney was 25.2 from base of hearth to the top of the original liner, final ss liner was around 22.5 after an elbow was...
  3. kallanreed

    FMI 36E Holes in sides of firebox?

    Hi All, We recently bought an older house with a FMI 36E wood insert. The rear refractory panel was badly cracked so I'm in the process of replacing it. In the process I took out the side panels and noticed there are two holes in the sides of the firebox that look like they should be covered...
  4. R

    Hearthstone Clydesdale

    Hey all, Just bought a new house over the summer up in New England and it comes with a Hearthstone Clydesdale insert. I've read a ton about running them, but I had a question for anyone more familiar with an EPA stove (my first time running something like this). Manual says not to "regularly...
  5. R

    Should I install a blower?

    Hello, When we purchased this house it had a wood burning inset installed in the den but it doesn't have a blower. There is a nice gap underneath where a blower could be installed, but I don't want to do anything that might burn down my house. There is a metal plate on the inside upper right...