Hearthstone Clydesdale

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Nov 9, 2019
New Hampshire
Hey all,

Just bought a new house over the summer up in New England and it comes with a Hearthstone Clydesdale insert. I've read a ton about running them, but I had a question for anyone more familiar with an EPA stove (my first time running something like this).

Manual says not to "regularly exceed 600" at the point it wants to be measured. I've had it up to about 500 and never seen any full out combustion of the gasses up along the air tubes in the top of the stove. I've seen runnels of air coming out and distorting flames that get high enough to touch the tubes, but nothing that looks like it's then combusting and burning secondarily.

Smoke out of my chimney looks good (meaning basically non-existent), insert is nice and hot and putting out heat, but I can't stop wondering if I'm missing something.

Anyone have this stove? Or do other models use this same type of air tube secondary combustion?

Free bump. This is a popular stove here, and there are several threads about it (I'm looking to buy one before EPA regs update)... you may find an answer, or add your question, to one of those.
It's a beautiful insert. Sounds like you are doing fine. If the wood is fully seasoned you are already ahead of the curve.
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Sounds like you're burning just fine. How long has your wood been cut and split?