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  1. M

    Boiler/gasifier question for unique home addition

    Hi all! We have a 1968 home that was built upside down (main living areas upstairs with 3 bedrooms and a bath and a walkout "basement/first floor" for storage, two bedrooms and a bath). There is a 78k BTU propane boiler downstairs for hydronic baseboard heat in the 900 square feet upstairs and...
  2. Jotel me this

    Radiant system running even when indoor temp reached?

    Along with my wood stove, my house also has radiant heating in the floors (water) running off of a Navien-110 boiler. First test run for the winter season, the house temp started at 66 degrees today. After two hours it finally reached the set temperature of 68 but its still running and the...
  3. N

    Installing radiant floor heat (under an existing floor system)

    Hi folks, I currently have an indoor wood stove with a back up heat pump that runs on propane. I'd like to install radiant floor underneath my existing floor and heat it with an outdoor boiler. I couldn't find plans for doing this and was wondering if there are good threads that have covered...
  4. Evelyn

    Radiant floors and Wiseway clearances

    Hi! First Post! We have a couple concerns before we can buy a Wiseway Pellet Stove. We will be replacing a Bixby stove and using that chimney. 1) The existing chimney is 3” surrounded by 5” double walled construction. The existing vent goes through a SuperiorWall concrete wall and out the...
  5. S

    3 way mixing valve questions

    I'm using a Caleffi 5231 3 way mixing valve and having trouble understanding how these things work. This style has the numbered knob on top...e.g. 1 is coolest, 7 is hottest. It was set by plumber upon install at #3 on the dial (supposedly 117 degrees)...I've moved it to 4.5 (125 degrees) The...
  6. L

    Radiant Floor System - New Construction

    I'm getting ready to build a new house in the spring. I hope to have a Varmebaronen Vedolux 650 boiler with radiant floor heat. How should I install the radiant floor? Is there a difference in efficiency or cost between laying it in gypcrete, in a wood track system, or under the sub-floor...