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  1. T

    Lopi 1750i Insert Rising temps on secondary burn

    Hey guys! Brand new here (to the forum and to wood stoves). I have a brand new 1750i (going on about 2-3 months with at least 1.5 months of consistent use/fire) that I am trying to learn. Here's a basic scenario that I have concerns on, that I wanted some experienced users advise on: I get a...
  2. Jotel me this

    Is this a Secondary Burn?

    Stove burning for several hours. Its now night time... want to leave it unattended when I sleep. Red hot coals on the bottom, no real visible flame coming from the wood.. ..every few seconds i see a puff of flame up top which dances around and then disappears. 1. Is this the elusive Secondary...
  3. T

    VC Vigilant Advice

    Hi all, I'm new here. I've recently acquired a fully rebuilt Vigilant from my neighbor, and I've been trying to learn how to use it, but I'm having a bit of a hard time. I've found all these older threads:
  4. T

    Hearthstone Mansfield baffle support position

    I can't get my baffle support to sit upright, as the parts dialogue displays. As my photos 1-3 show, it flops down flat, essentially enveloping my front secondary tube. I've sat it in an 'upside down T' shape on top of the front baffle, but it still falls down. As photos 4 & 5 show, i moved it...
  5. S

    Old home made stove upgrades?

    Hi y'all great page lots of good info. I have a homemade stove I paid $50 for made from plate and angle iron very heavy. In the pics I'm gona post you'll see what I'm about to say. The door is a Morris boulger incinerator door from the 30s by the parent number has a nifty heat exchanger and this...
  6. V

    Questions on Vermont Castings Encore 1450 and secondary combustion

    Hello, I recently installed a VC Encore 1450 non-cat stove with 3ft single wall and 16ft double wall Excel stainless chimney. I have been searching this forum for a few weeks trying to gather information on this stove. Most important I want to know about stove and chimney Temps in relation to...
  7. N

    Wood burner in pole barn

    I have recently purchased an older "Thermalator Inc" The Boss" wood stove. I have pretty well decided to go through the roof. The stove came with some "lightly used" single wall black pipe (6") the previous owner had been using. From what I understand once I go through the roof I need to have...