Old home made stove upgrades?

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Dec 31, 2016
Western NY
Hi y'all great page lots of good info. I have a homemade stove I paid $50 for made from plate and angle iron very heavy. In the pics I'm gona post you'll see what I'm about to say. The door is a Morris boulger incinerator door from the 30s by the parent number has a nifty heat exchanger and this stove was used in the 70s-80s in a hunting camp, it's now my shop stove now here's my questions.

It has no fire brick and I'm thinking it would be a good idea to add some but not sure where any ideas? And the walls are warped would it be OK to brick it still? I got it that way. and such I plan on making an ash pan and making one on the bottom. and adding a smoke baffle with secondary burn you it because wood does not last long at all I mean a full load last maybe 3-5 hours I'm sure the door don't help because it's not positive locking so any ideas? Im mean thinking maybe a new door. And feel free to use pics to illustrate what your saying.
IMG_20161231_181745802.jpg IMG_20161231_181844678.jpg IMG_20161231_181824696.jpg IMG_20161231_182506852.jpg IMG_20161231_182707717.jpg IMG_20161231_182319231.jpg
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