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  1. orri

    3TDIC-2AP Top Baffle Warped?

    My top baffle fell down and after staring at diagrams for a long time, it seems like it was installed incorrectly when we bought the house and has also been severely warped. Based on the picture here, it looks like it should be straight...
  2. M

    PM2000 baffle

    This is in the PM2000 owners manual it goes over vertical and horizontal venting and then has this. Is this implying you only need the baffles if attaching to an existing chimney? I currently have the baffles installed and I have 4pvl venting, 18" horizontal and 8 feet vertical. Should I...
  3. Jim Ignatowski

    Baffle insulation missing

    Hi All, Happy New Year! I have a Pacific Energy Vista insert that’s about 12 years old. The baffle has always been very difficult to get in and out. Last night when adding the final log, I must have pushed up against the baffle and noticed it was no longer level, slightly sagging on one side...
  4. G

    Wood burning fireplace baffle info

    Hi I have an Ultimate supreme wood burner (their biggest size) and it has a baffle plate with a baffle on top that sits right under the pipe that goes outside. I’m assuming it’s purpose is to reduce fire risk entering chimney pipe. The baffle is only around 10” x 8” and is white. It’s crumby...
  5. A

    Baffle plate needed - Warmland Gothic Multifuel - any advice appreciated

    Just took ownership of a house with a wood burner, had the chimney swept and was informed the wood burner is missing the baffle plate. Hopefully the pictures attached are visible, sticker says it is a Warmland Gothic Multifuel EN13240 2001. Problem is, Warmland liquidated 2015, and for love nor...
  6. W

    Lopi Evergreen Insert Baffle Cap Falling

    As the title states, I had the Lopi Evergreen Insert installed this fall. The baffle cap has fallen a handful of times, and the installer keeps coming back out to "fix" it. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  7. J

    PE Vista Insert Baffle

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a home that has a Pacific Energy Vista Insert. The Baffle was not installed in the stove and I'm curious whether I installed it properly. The pin in the back of the stove was warped and I had a hard time with it. I did review the manual, but they do not...
  8. B

    Pacific Energy New Baffles Warped Question?

    I just purchased new Pacific Energy Summit LE wood stove. I noticed the baffle that came with the wood stove does not sit on the rails properly and it appears to be warped. I returned the baffle it to where I purchased it and they submitted a warranty claim. I later received another new baffle...
  9. B

    Baffle plate rests damaged

    Hi, we have recently just bought a property with a Yeoman Devon 50HB installed to control the heating for the house. We have had to replace the glass due to it being cracked but when we went to use it last night and tried to put the baffle plate back where it should be it seems the rests at the...
  10. projectanavita

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    We picked up a used IR and it seems to have some issues. We are seeking advice on how best to move forward. 2009, looks like it was likely over-fired. Top plate on the baffle bypass is warped. I measure 3/8" clearance between the top plate and the tubes on either side and 1/4"in the center...
  11. M

    FPX36 Baffled by Baffle

    We installed an FPX 36 a few years ago, and it has been great. Last week I reread the manuals. I feel pretty embarrassed to admit this, but the baffle plate that is supposed to rest on the metal 45 degree angle iron pieces at the TOP of the stove, has been sitting at the bottom of the stove...
  12. B

    Baffle question on a 2/3 barrel stove in the workshop

    greetings! I grew up on wood heat, my whole life my family has used a circulating stove and 4 years ago my dad set up a big standalone outdoor furnace/boiler (a purdy/Taylor hybrid made by a local fabricator), we also have a cabin with an old radiant stove. But now that I’ve “grown up” (or so...
  13. A

    Ravelli Roma releasing smoke at start up

    I have a Ravelli Roma pellet stove which is 1 year old. Last year I didn't have any problems but this year every time it goes to start up it fills with smoke and the combustion is so strong it shakes the stove and releases smoke into the room. Sometimes the combustion causes the baffle to fall...
  14. W

    Ravelii Roma baffle has fallen

    Just had our Ravelli Roma installed yesterday. Ran the stove overnight. Awoke this morning to find the baffle at the top of chamber has dropped down (Back to front), essentially blocking most of the view into the chamber. Any guesses why? Is this supposed to happen? Would love to call the...
  15. J

    Jotul 602 top baffle location?

    hi, I have acquired a 602, not sure which model, but has the solid metal door with the circular vent. Cleaned up, removed and retapped several screws. My question: The top baffle location is shown in the spec drawings I have found online - cupped side down and against back wall - with the...
  16. H

    Regency Hampton HI300 flue baffle removal

    Hello, First post here. I have a Regency Hampton HI300 wood insert. The previous owner of my home had it installed, so I don't have a ton of history with it. My chimey has clay liners (3), and the center liner has a flexible steel pipe in it which is connected to the insert below. I cleaned the...
  17. J

    Restoring our old Timberline stove.

    I want to restore a Timberline stove that we purchased new in 1984. It probably needs a new baffle board. I have already removed it and it looks quite warped. The board measures 21” x 10” x 1/4”. Where could I purchase a new baffle? Thank you for any advice.
  18. T

    Hearthstone Mansfield baffle support position

    I can't get my baffle support to sit upright, as the parts dialogue displays. As my photos 1-3 show, it flops down flat, essentially enveloping my front secondary tube. I've sat it in an 'upside down T' shape on top of the front baffle, but it still falls down. As photos 4 & 5 show, i moved it...
  19. tl113

    Lange stove with baffle maintenance: question

    Hi All! I have a question about sealing the baffle chamber of an old Lange wood stove. I was cleaning out some of the soot and noticed chunks of what appeared to be furnace cement inside the baffle chamber above the main wood burning chamber. The stove has a decorative plate on the...
  20. scotbro59

    Fisher Fireplace Insert Baffle

    I recently purchased a home that had a 1980 Fisher Fireplace Insert. I used the insert for the first time in November, and although it's my first wood insert or wood stove, I noticed immediately the flames (and heat) going straight up the flue and the smoke coming out of my chimney. I was...
  21. VirginiaIron

    What have you done to your stove/chimney today?

    I checked the top of the stove for straightness and cleaned out the firebox and gave my stove a thorough inspection from the outside while checking seams and welds. From the inside via the firebox and the throat, I checked welds, looked for corrosion, and assessed the condition of the baffle. I...
  22. D

    Jotul F100: How do I remove the baffle?

    I purchased a new baffle for my Jotul F100 but I can't figure out how to get the old one out. The instructions say "Lift the baffle, which rests on the burn plates, forwards and to the side and then tilt it down and out of the door. (If the product is rear-mounted the top plate may be lifted...
  23. S

    Old home made stove upgrades?

    Hi y'all great page lots of good info. I have a homemade stove I paid $50 for made from plate and angle iron very heavy. In the pics I'm gona post you'll see what I'm about to say. The door is a Morris boulger incinerator door from the 30s by the parent number has a nifty heat exchanger and this...
  24. D

    Country Comfort 150

    Hello, I recently purchased a cottage that has a Country Comfort wood stove/burner in it. It has not been used for at least 3 years and has some internal rust issues. However, the outside of the stove looks solid. I was able to free the dampers, but in looking inside the stove, I can see where...
  25. scivi92

    Lopi Answer Baffle

    I'm installing new firebrick and reinstalling the baffle s bar in my lopi answer stove. The manual doesn't show how the bar gets reinstalled, and it had fallen out when I was moving the stove. I'm uncertain how to reinstall it. Other Lopi models have a more descriptive manual, but do not match...