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Don Zel

New Member
Sep 26, 2016
I recently purchased a cottage that has a Country Comfort wood stove/burner in it. It has not been used for at least 3 years and has some internal rust issues. However, the outside of the stove looks solid. I was able to free the dampers, but in looking inside the stove, I can see where the "ceiling" of the stove has rusted very badly and is falling apart. I can see some of the insulation (wool blanket?). I contacted B&G Woodstove and A-1 Stoves and neither has this part. Anyone know of another place that has or can make a replacement? Can we still have a fire in the stove without part of that "ceiling"? I am new to this, so please pardon my terminology.
The "ceiling" sounds like it might be the baffle. Is it removable? If so I am wondering if it could be used as a template for a new one cut out of stainless steel?
Thanks for the reply. I am not certain if it is. I tried pulling on it, but it did not budge, but it may not move even if it is removable because of all the rust. When I pulled on it, part of it broke off exposing the insulation. I can also see some v shapes above it that has little holes drilled in it. I can try again this weekend. Do you believe it is okay to start a fire in it?An inspector already checked the chimney and said it was good to go.
If the baffle and burn tubes are welded in steel and not stainless I would plan on scrapping the stove and would not risk burning in it.
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