Baffle plate needed - Warmland Gothic Multifuel - any advice appreciated

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Oct 28, 2022
Just took ownership of a house with a wood burner, had the chimney swept and was informed the wood burner is missing the baffle plate. Hopefully the pictures attached are visible, sticker says it is a Warmland Gothic Multifuel EN13240 2001. Problem is, Warmland liquidated 2015, and for love nor money I cannot find anyone who does spares. I could have a local ironmonger make a replacement, but I don't know what shape the baffle ought to be. I am thinking of a flat plate which sits on the back wall and lies on top of the two protruding metal bits on the side, but does a baffle cover the whole of the top to prevent damage? Very much a novice here so all advice/information/pictures/links appreciated, thanks.

wbstovepic1.jpeg wbstovepic2.jpeg wbstovepic3.jpeg wbstovepic4.jpeg
I don't know the stove but it looks like the baffle plate extended from the back up onto the side supports at an angle. If you strike out and are at a dead end, make a template out of cardboard that extends the baffle to just past the support bracket. Bring this template to the ironmonger for fabrication out of heavy ( 3/16"?) steel.
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That'll do it. It looks like you got tiny tubulators from the diamond plate too.