FPX36 Baffled by Baffle

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Mar 5, 2019
We installed an FPX 36 a few years ago, and it has been great. Last week I reread the manuals. I feel pretty embarrassed to admit this, but the baffle plate that is supposed to rest on the metal 45 degree angle iron pieces at the TOP of the stove, has been sitting at the bottom of the stove behind the grate for years now. I moved it to the top position, it is warped, so I can either straighten it or replace it. My question is this; What is it for/ what does it do, and how might my stove function differently now that It is in the correct position? And have I done any damage to my stove by operating without it? AT least I didn't burn down the house or neighborhood.
Thank you in advance for any clarity on this matter.

Note: I mistakenly wrote EXT36 in the original post. I should have written FPX36?. Thank you for catching this. It is a Fireplace Xtrordinair 36
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I’m not familiar with an EXT 36 I don’t guess. Who makes it?
I haven't heard of this either. Regardless, running it without a baffle is going to be sending most of the heat and a lot of smoke up the chimney. @mrkurtz who makes this stove? Got a picture you can post?
Oh, hope not. That's a cat fireplace isn't it?
Oh, hope not. That's a cat fireplace isn't it?
Yes, but there’s a smoke baffle that sits on some tabs in the back, they fall or get left off pretty often from inexperienced sweeps and installers. I think it just keeps some of the flames in the box longer while in bypass.
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Since the baffle is steel, you can bend it back. We’ve ran over them with our van to flatten them back out. It probably will just warp again though.