Lange stove with baffle maintenance: question

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New Member
Jan 22, 2018
Hi All! I have a question about sealing the baffle chamber of an old Lange wood stove. I was cleaning out some of the soot and noticed chunks of what appeared to be furnace cement inside the baffle chamber above the main wood burning chamber. The stove has a decorative plate on the outside/top of the stove as well. Should I re-cement the edges inside the baffle chamber? I am in the process of re-cementing all the joints and seams on the outside of the stove, and wondering if re-cementing the baffle chamber from the inside is normal maintenance. It seems like some smoke or fumes could escape through the spot where the plate is. Thanks!
I don't recall the baffle being cemented in, but it won't hurt. Does the baffle show signs of warping or large gaps on the edges?
Hi! Thanks. It looks normal, but one side has a gap, and the other seems to have some cement. There is a hole/vent in the front underneath where the damper rod is, so it seems strange to cement it in, and there's a big hole, which looks like it's supposed to be there. Confusing.
I just love those old 6302's. Great heaters although they aren't so advanced as newer stoves and frankly that may not be a bad thing. Don't fusss too much over the old guy, do what you can andthat should be fine.Remember that leaks in the stove are more likely to let air IN than smoke OUT, so if you get to the point where you have trouble controllingthe temp. or reduced burn times it may be time for more serious work. Know that the baffle and internal parts are still available though a bit pricey. It is possible to keep that guy in service for a long time if you wish to.
Yeah, I suppose you're right. I love this stove! It goes continuously with oak logs, and I like how simple it is to control the heat. It actually keeps my whole house warm, (small house), I want to take good care of it, it does have all it's parts I think, and seems to be in good shape, except for some sealing on the outside, which I need to take care of this weekend. Thanks for your response!