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  1. J

    How old is my Lange Svendborg wood stove?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased this adorable little wood stove and I would love to know how old it is? I can’t find anything through my online research what year(s) this model was made. Does anyone know? Thanks for your help! -Jess
  2. K

    Info on Lange Wood Stove 6304A

    Hi there! I recently purchased a Lange cast iron wood stove. I am thinking this model was not sold in the U.S. as I cannot find any info about it online. I believe it is model #6304A, this number is on each of the legs. This community has been so helpful that I thought I’d reach out to answer...
  3. B

    1978 Lange Stove Catalog

    I have a copy of "The Lange Stove Catalog and Wood Heat Guide" dating from 1978 that I put into pdf format. The catalog shows the Lange stoves sold in the US by model and the rest of the publication has general info for solid fuel heating. The catalog is about 20 pages. Also in the pdf is a copy...
  4. tl113

    Lange stove with baffle maintenance: question

    Hi All! I have a question about sealing the baffle chamber of an old Lange wood stove. I was cleaning out some of the soot and noticed chunks of what appeared to be furnace cement inside the baffle chamber above the main wood burning chamber. The stove has a decorative plate on the...
  5. F

    Any Documentation/Manuals for Lange 6303 ??? Urgent!

    Hi All, New member here - Sorry if this is a repeat anywhere. I will keep searching, but thought I would ask outright. I just installed a Lange 6303b(?) Double stack recylcer model. Corner install setup. I am in need of any manuals to be had out there???? My building inspector is stuck on...
  6. BeachBumm

    How to Remove the Top of an Old Lange 6302a?

    I have a great Lange 630A in red porcelain that I've owned since about 1980. The baffle is sagging and I want to replace it before the cold weather begins. I don't really want to take it all apart - just remove the top. Does anybody have experience in removing the top only? I am guessing...
  7. BeachBumm

    Lange #6302a BTU Rating?

    I have an old Lang 6302a that I am thinking about replacing with something new. I know how it heats our beach cabin, but have no idea what that means for the BTU's. Does anybody here know the BTU rating that Lang put on these old 6302's? I'd also like some advice on what to buy. I'm not...