Lange 6302A Help with baffle plate position

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New Member
Nov 18, 2023
Hi, I recently got this Lange 6302A and I’m confused about the correct position of the vertical (top) baffle plates (number 9 on the woodmans diagram). I thought a prior owner had assembled it incorrectly with the left plate leaning in, allowing a permanent bypass up through the flue (Pic1). But now that I have the top off, it appears the tabs that align these vertical baffle plates do leave room for some air to escape up the flue rather than going forward under the cook plate (Pic2). In order for the plates to (more or less) seal against the underside of the top, they would have to be installed outside the alignment tabs(Pic3), as the right hand one was when I got it (Pic1).
Could anyone explain the correct assembly, or the optimal baffle flow here, or even just post a picture to the back of a 6302A from the open cook plate?

Thank you!

Lange 6302A Help with baffle plate positionLange 6302A Help with baffle plate positionLange 6302A Help with baffle plate position
The left side definitely looks incorrect. I don't have an answer but am wondering if it is possible for the side plates to fit between the two alignment tabs like shown here in green? Or are they already resting on another tab that we can not see behind each plate?
Thank you—I agree that between the tabs looks right. I’m looking for confirmation that other stoves are set up that way, allowing about half the airflow straight up the flue, and the other half forward around the front of the baffle plates.