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  1. M

    PM2000 baffle

    This is in the PM2000 owners manual it goes over vertical and horizontal venting and then has this. Is this implying you only need the baffles if attaching to an existing chimney? I currently have the baffles installed and I have 4pvl venting, 18" horizontal and 8 feet vertical. Should I...
  2. High Desert Dennis

    New home owner with a few questions about my PE Super 27

    Hey there. This is my first post, so forgive me if I make any noob forum errors. The stove I'm running is a Super 27. I feel that I've done enough research to understand basic operation and maintenance. In fact, I've made a few fires, and so far so good. This said, today I cleaned the flue...
  3. A

    Lange 6302A Help with baffle plate position

    Hi, I recently got this Lange 6302A and I’m confused about the correct position of the vertical (top) baffle plates (number 9 on the woodmans diagram). I thought a prior owner had assembled it incorrectly with the left plate leaning in, allowing a permanent bypass up through the flue (Pic1). But...
  4. S

    Replacement baffle

    First post here, getting ready to start burning wood and I noticed my baffle is starting to look rough. I have an Earthstove 2800HT and found they stopped making the baffle in 2016 and can’t find a replacement one. The only information I’ve found is that’s it’s 3/8’s thick. My question is...
  5. F

    Easily collapsable baffle plate

    Hi there! The baffle plate of our Jotul F500 Eco SE has collapsed twice in the past month. Once as I loaded a log and hit the bar holding it. Another time as my father piled too many logs into the stove, thus lifting the baffle plate and dislodging the holding bar. Since that stove is...
  6. B

    Baffle plate rests damaged

    Hi, we have recently just bought a property with a Yeoman Devon 50HB installed to control the heating for the house. We have had to replace the glass due to it being cracked but when we went to use it last night and tried to put the baffle plate back where it should be it seems the rests at the...
  7. P

    Fabco Thermal 3000 Fireplace

    I hope someone can help me before the Montana winter sets in. This 900 pound unit was professionally installed in the early 80s and performed extremely well for us for 18 years and for the renters since then. My former renter removed a nonworking fan and motor with the idea of finding a...
  8. M

    Quadrafire 1200

    I have an older Quadrafire 1200.I had a problem with one of the baffle plates. Namely, one of the inside hooks that hang it in front of the heat exchanger tubes broke off. I ordered a replacement from Quadrafire and received it yesterday. The plate I received is not identical to what I have. The...