fire brick

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    Quadrafire Gas Insert

    I’m planning to convert my wood-burning fireplace to one with a gas insert. I found a local dealer I like who sells Heatilator and Quadrafire inserts. Does anyone have experience with the durability of these brands (I understand they have the same parent company)? I am trying to decide between...
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    Where to find firebrick insert for 1988 Whitfield WP2 8734

    can someone please post a link on where to find a new firebrick insert for my pellet stove? I have an old Whitfield WP2 pellets stove and it’s not firebrick, it’s some other kind of material. Please help me locate the correct insert before winter! Thank you! 1988 Whitfield WP2 8734
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    Filled ash dump chute with concrete: Can I do concrete all the way up?

    Hi folks, The plywood forms were never removed from under the hearth when the home was built :eek:, and major demolition would be required to access the ash pit to remove the plywood. (The pit is roughly 2x13 feet of floor area and a couple feet high, making it almost impossible to reach the...
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    Repair crumbling firebrick?

    Anybody out there made or repaired their own firebrick in a cookstove? A couple months ago I found replacement firebricks for an old Findlay Oval, about $250. Since then Heartland (who has been making the Oval) has been bought by Aga and those same firebricks are now $850+ I've seen some...
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    Soapstone vs Brick vs Anything Else

    Hello, Just placed a bear (Papa) in my basement yesterday that I had found. While moving it, we emptied the bricks to make it lighter and found quite a few broken ones, so I decided to research different options. I wanted to know the best material with which to replace the bricks? Fire...
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    Help - New House with Fisher Stove - Questions for first time user

    Hi all! I'm in NC awaiting this winter storm and need help with my wood stove! Short story: can I use this stove safely if our power goes out? Fire bricks are badly cracked and I've never used this before Long story: we just bought a house a few months ago and I've never used a wood stove...
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    Old home made stove upgrades?

    Hi y'all great page lots of good info. I have a homemade stove I paid $50 for made from plate and angle iron very heavy. In the pics I'm gona post you'll see what I'm about to say. The door is a Morris boulger incinerator door from the 30s by the parent number has a nifty heat exchanger and this...
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    Superior CF 3860 Removal for Wood Stove

    Hello, all. First post here. Read through lots of posts and was seeking info regarding converting a Superior CF 3860 ZC fireplace to a wood stove. I know you need particulars, so here they come:Superior CF 3860 by tjated posted Nov 19, 2016 at 7:14 PM Current fireplace is in garden level living...
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    Older Defiant

    I purchased a second hand Defiant, front and side load. I don't see an obvious place to add fire brick. The standard brick looks too large to fit anywhere. What am I missing, where does the fire brick go? Someone at a local stove shop said I don't need any? Help..... thanks in advance. Gary