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  1. louisblanc

    Ceiling shield dimensions - Canada

    Hi there! I recently moved in a home with a non certified stove from the 90s, still in good shape. It's located in a unfinished basement, concrete floor, stone foundation, so no concerns about combustibles here. The ceiling is very low, and, from what I understand, I can reduce the clearance...
  2. U

    Air gap wall/heat shield wall Lopi 1750

    My Lopi 1750 is on the way. i had to take out my old hearth pad and stone that was on the wall and put down some tiles etc. I was about to fix up the wall where the wall stone used to be and found brittle drywall. I’ll be replacing the bad area, but I’m pretty freaked out by what I found. It...
  3. J

    Wall and Ceiling Shielding Question

    I am building a sauna with a wood stove. I am installing wall clearance reduction shields on two walls and on the ceiling. All will have min. 1" air gaps. My question is where the wall and ceiling shields would meet do I butt the wall and ceiling shields together, or leave a gap? Thanks, Jim