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    Compact/Smallest Zero Clearance Open Fireplace on Market

    Hi, I am seeking to install a fireplace in new construction that has to be freestanding due to a large number of glass walls. I also would like it to be wood burning. However, where the job is located in New York State the government has discussed banning wood so I would like the ability to...
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    Seeking input on first stove - small fireplace, small house

    Hello all, I am looking for the first woodstove to put into my home. Both my wife and I want to reduce our fossil fuel and incomplete combustion use, and living in New England, wood stoves seem the way to go. I had a wood stove at my past two homes and I miss how cozy they are. we are...
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    Need help choosing Jotul F45, Craftsbury, or VC Aspen for my small fireplace with robust mantel

    We are redoing the fireplace in our 100 year old bungalow. Tasks are: 1. Replace mantel with period antique mantel made from beautiful quartersawn white oak. The mantle has hollow columns that need to be filled with something.. my thought was brick that works as hearth / shield (see pics) 2...
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    Replace Lopi Answer-small fireplace

    Hi All! First post. Many thanks for all the information I have gained by lurking here over the past 4 years when I bought my 2000 sq ft ranch with a Lopi Answer in the first floor living room. I didn't know the first thing about wood stoves and now burn about a cord a year each winter. I am...