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    Small Gas Insert advice

    We have a small fireplace in our living room: outside: 30h x 30w. bottom back to front 19" & top b-f 16." There was an old LP insert in there that we took out. The propane line, power, and 4" flexpipe are in there already. We were considering converting to wood insert but we'd need to reline...
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    Small Fireplace, Large Room

    We have an unlined fireplace in our living room that was adapted at one point to use a large cast-iron stove. The stove sits on a tile hearth and is connected to an 8-inch liner. We've never used it because we were told that the stove is too close to the wood mantel and that the hearth is not...
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    FPX Lopi Small Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Insert

    This seems like a great little insert but I can't find any reviews or information on it. My local stove outlet doesn't keep one in stock and it would have to be special ordered. Anyone have one that can share some insight? Is it big enough to heat a 600 sq ft room? House is 2000 sq ft rancher. I...