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    ***Whitfield Profile 30 Fills with Smoke at Startup and get Lazy Flame***

    Hello, ***Full disclosure: I know nothing about pellet stoves (other than this forum). This unit was in the house when we bought it. Whitfield Profile 30: During startup it fills the burn box with pellets. Once ignition begins a lot of smoke will whisk up, filling the entire chamber and...
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    Better n Bens help needed to solve flue dispute

    First time home buyer grew up with a fireplace my whole life and can't figure out how to work this Better N Bens woodstove. from what i', gathering it would be considered an insert. My husband and I are currently arguing about if the top bar is pushed in is the flu opened or closed. we do not...
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    Questions after Opel 3 first fire

    Had our first fire in our new Opel 3 fireplace. Couple observations. I don't like the amount of smoke in the house from the fire. Also, I couldn't get the combustor going (glowing red) with my firewood without cutting them into small pieces. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom