***Whitfield Profile 30 Fills with Smoke at Startup and get Lazy Flame***

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Dec 8, 2017

***Full disclosure: I know nothing about pellet stoves (other than this forum). This unit was in the house when we bought it.

Whitfield Profile 30: During startup it fills the burn box with pellets. Once ignition begins a lot of smoke will whisk up, filling the entire chamber and billowing out any seams it can find - even up the hopper! Eventually a flame does appear, but its very smokey.

Oddly, if I turn off the stove, once it hits the cool down phase and (what I think is) the exhaust fan kicks into high the chamber will clear and I get a big flame. I can turn the stove back on and run it. The flame will be very large initially (I assume because the burn box is very full at this stage). However, once it burns through the flame does settle into an active but moderate size.

At this point I have a smoke smell, but I can’t determine if it’s lingering from start up or an actual leak. I’ve checked with a flash light in the dark. During the smokey start I see lots of ‘leaks’, but nothing discernable while its running later (the fans make it tricky to see smoke).

Repairs I’ve made:

1) Door Gasket

2) Exhaust ducting to the wall

3) Exhaust housing to the quick disconnect resealed (was loose)

4) Removed and cleaned photo eye

5) Cleaned entire stove, removing brick and all

6) Painted exterior panels (for looks)

I am reasonably certain the entire exhaust path is free of blockage. Stove is very clean. From what I’ve read the photo eye is not active during startup phase.

Could my ignitor simply be bad?

If not, would a weak or dying exhaust motor be a problem?

I replaced the ducting, but the new 45 angle piece that’s inside the house showed smoke coming out during one of the very smokey starts – should I see that or should it be completely sealed? I don’t see it when it runs.

If you read all of that, thank you. Repair outfit is booked for over a month and its getting cold! Any help is much appreciated!
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Have you adjusted your draft? Open the left side panel and you will see the knob on the lower right, bump it up a few notches and your flame should get more active. Trial and error till you get it right, depends on the altitude and installation method.
Your situation is almost always combustion air related. I believe your draft is controlled by the eye. You should also make sure the stove is clean behind the panels. Also make sure entire chimney is tight and unobstructed.
Did adjusting the draft work?