Smoke alarm 4am, house filled with smoke Whitfield Advantage

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Feb 21, 2015
New England
First? Check your smoke detectors. Ours went off yesterday at 4 AM, came downstairs to find the house was filled with smoke.

We have two pellet stoves, a big Harmon allure that we bought new five years ago. That thing is a work horse, no issues. The other is a 30-year-old Whitfield advantage. The issue with the Whitfield.

My husband found a smoldering pile of pellets in the Whitfield, with the fan turned off. The stove is supplementary, the harman is the main source of heat. We opened the windows and turned on the stove fan and eventually emptied the house of smoke.

The Whitfield does not seem to like to run low. It is direct vented. We typically turn it off before it runs out of pellets, or we get a smoke smell. Not like fill up the house with smoke, but a smell.

At 4 AM there were still pellets in the hopper. He suspects he turned the feed down too low and the damper wasn’t adjusted correctly (it’s got a manual damper) so the fire died, stove cooled enough to shut down the fan and voila.

Having pellet stoves for 25 years, this has never happened, it was very scary.

Thinking it might be time to replace this. I will say it’s running currently (not low) and looks like this.


Smoke alarm 4am, house filled with smoke Whitfield Advantage
Seals are way cheaper to replace than the stove itself, have you done the dollar bill test on the door? Also check your tailpipe connection
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