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  1. J

    st croix scf-050

    I just got this unit and finally got everything hooked up. Got it lit last night and flame is good. Everything appears to be working correctly. My question for everyone is the heat. It doesn’t seem like it blows through the registers very hard. Is this normal? I had the thermostat set to 70 just...
  2. S

    St. croix Hastings on/off light blinking

    I bought a house with a Hastings stove that needed some major clean up. Finally got it cleaned and running good, but now the on off light is blinking and it is stuck in low fire. To my knowledge it is not run off thermostat and the 2 wires in back of the panel seem tight along with the jumper on...
  3. R

    St Croix Auburn Auger problem

    I have a St Croix Auburn and I am having auger problems. I removed the auger and powered it directly from an outlet and it turns at a rate of 2RPM. This seems OK. When I connect it to the stove and power the stove on, the auger feed light never comes on and when I try to manually press the...
  4. N

    Does multi fuel burn pot prevent hopper fire in St Croix Auburn?

    I recently dealt with a hopper fire in a St Croix Auburn made in about 2012. It was a bit scary but caught before oo much damage. This stove came with a corn pot, but a dealer told me that there was no need to get a multifuel pot to burn pellets. However, combustion blower was dirty and not...
  5. F

    Btu calculators

    New member here - Just picked up a St. Croix SCF 050 for use in a workshop/pole barn. I checked the Btu rating of the SCF 050 and find it to be listed at around 45,000. My building is 30 x 54 with 10' to the bottom of the trusses. Right now there is no insulation but a ceiling and walls both...
  6. D

    St Croix York insert - #4 troubleshooting code ??

    Hello all, I have a St Croix York pellet insert from 2003 I believe. The stove recently stopped working and the #4 light is flashing on the stove's main board. The strange thing is this troubleshooting light sequence is not in the manual and I have never seen it. #3 is the low limit or POF...
  7. C

    St Croix Auburn Question

    I have two St Croix Auburn stoves that I currently burn corn. Stoves work great but I do get build up on the bottom corners of the glass, and this will happen a day or two after cleaning. Usually take a razor blade to scrape the black off. Both stoves are vented straight out the wall. I have...
  8. Troossien

    Placement of my stove

    Hi all, My wife and I just bought our first pellet stove (st croix prescott) to heat our 1200 Sq ft upstairs.. we are putting it in the living room but some family member have made suggestions that we should put the stove on a flat small section of wall directly across from the entry way to the...
  9. C

    Corn Auger Rate St Croix Auburn

    I have a St Croix Auburn corn stove. Recently the auger motor went out. I replaced it with a motor I bought off ebay. It seems to auger about twice the rate of corn as the original. I have the stove trimmed down to the lowest setting according to the book. I will burn over 2 pails of corn...