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  1. S

    St. Croix Pepin or Piazzetta Monia?

    I have a very cheap offer for a St. Croix Pepin (I'd need to buy piping to go up through ceiling, a control board, and pay for labor) plus an ash vac for $400. I have another offer for a used Piazzetta Monia, fully installed, for $3400 What would you do? I assume that the Monia is way more...
  2. Troossien

    Placement of my stove

    Hi all, My wife and I just bought our first pellet stove (st croix prescott) to heat our 1200 Sq ft upstairs.. we are putting it in the living room but some family member have made suggestions that we should put the stove on a flat small section of wall directly across from the entry way to the...
  3. N

    St. Croix Prescott EXL - Is it working how it should?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a used St. Croix Prescott EXL on Craiglist. After getting it home and cleaning it out I realized that it was missing some parts. St. Croix helped me determine that it's an older model stove built in 2001 and I was able to locate replacement parts for the cera-bricks...
  4. B

    Charcoal or something similar?

    I am a long time reader, but first time poster. I did a search for this question but I did not really find any results. My apologies if it has been asked before. First off, my stove is a St Croix Lancaster. It is the older model that was designed for corn (before it was sold as a multi-fuel...
  5. C

    St. Croix Alburn Room Fan Cutting out.

    I replaced a old room fan last year because it was noisy and sounded like it was going to stop. This year I fired it up after a huge cleaning and the new fan sounds great. After 30 to 40 minites the Fan starts to cut out some. Like its dropping voltage or something. I tried several different...
  6. M

    Blinking St. Croix

    Multiple issues with a St Croix Auburn. I bought this 2004 Auburn and the person before me changed out the control board. It now has a newer control board and so when I try to start it up, it gave me the dreaded blinking #2. I shorted out the vacuum switch and now it looks like it is going to...