stainless liner

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    For Sale RockFlex 316L/Ti 35’ 6” Stainless insulated liner

    This doesn’t fit my chimney flue, and is in 2 pieces, one 25’, the other 10’. No damage or use. Total diameter with insulation and outer sleeve is about 7.25”. Comes with chimney cap, pulling cone, collar. Local pickup in Pittsburgh area only.
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    Help! Can’t get liner down.

    So I’ve really messed up. I have a 30’ chimney with 8x12 flue tiles, and desperately want a wood stove in my fireplace. The chimney has never burned wood (old gas heater was used), and the tiles are in perfect shape. Trouble is, there’s an offset and I absolutely can’t get a 6” liner down. Now...
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    New to the sport- terracotta questions

    I have read both a ton of info about some using liners, and some not. Not the question, as we willing be using a stainless liner. We have a terracotta lined fireplace in the basement that is enormous, and we want to add a freestanding wood stove. We had the chimney inspected, and is in good...