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  1. J

    What do I need to pass through drywall into a flue liner in a masonry chimney?

    Hi all, we moved into a home with an old Vermont Castings Vigilant stove that we are replacing with a new Drolet Escape 1800 as well as the old single wall stove pipe and adding a flue liner. We are doing this ourselves because we had a chimney sweep guy come to clean out the chimney and inspect...
  2. N

    What kind of thimble do i need?

    Hello, here is how my chimney guy left things after installing the new 6” stainless steel liner: What do i need to buy to connect my stove pipe safely to this? It will be going through a completely non-combustible wall (steel studs, cement board, thin brick). The threads i’ve read are all...
  3. D

    Stove pipe replacement - rusted off at square ceiling support box

    Hi guys, we’re into snow season here it MT and the stove pipe on my shop fireplace just rusted clean off (I already picked up a new chimney cap). Need help on a repair that can be done without tearing the roof apart at this time of year. Looks like the original setup was welded together as one...
  4. B

    Screws in double wall stovepipe

    Hello, The screws that came with my telescopic stovepipe (Selkirk) seems short and weak. Are they suppose to go through both the outer and inner walls of the pipe, or just squeeze against the inner pipe? I have bought longer thicker screws made by Imperial specifically for stovepipe, but...
  5. H

    Cultured stone behind stove and pipe

    Hi, I'm in central Minnesota. I put in a Lopi double door wood stove with 8" pipe on a straight wall. The stove pipe is 21" from the studs and straight up with proper through ceiling set up. I'm think of putting up 1/2 " durra rock and 1 1/2 to 2 1/2" thick cultured stone, with a 3/8 to 1/2 "...
  6. LAndrim

    Stove pipe soot problem

    HI, Seeking help from stove pipe mavens! I'm a little concerned about the exterior top of my 8" stove pipe. Please see the attached image. Background: Using a Lennox Country Canyon ST310 for about 8 years-professionally installed (very satisfied with it) Chimney sweep cleans stove and pipe...