surround trim

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    Main burner won't light anymore. Before was intermittent and fixed by shaking surround. Thermopile: low volts when switch on, good volts off.

    Hello, I have a natural gas fireplace called the Heat-N-Glo FB-GRANDLP, which is a millivolt system. (I can't find its manual but I found a similar model's (I think) FB-IN and FB-GRAND). It has two control options, a simple on/off switch located on the decorative painted metal surround and a...
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    Raising a Fireplace Xtrordinaire 430 DeLuxe

    My daughter has decided that she wants a gas insert for her fireplace. Her biggest "want" is the biggest viewing area and because she has a very low hearth that's maybe 2" above the floor, we're thinking about elevating the insert. I realize that however you raise the insert, the material should...
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    wood insert surround diy access panel

    let me start by saying thank you for all the great info on here.. especially for block off plates. I have an osburn 2200 with surround trim. I want to be able to easily check my flue for safety reasons and I also want to put a thermometer at the base of the flue. I do not want to have to remove...