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  1. Jotel me this

    How to cure Stove Bright paint/not hot enough?

    I sanded down my entire Travis Xtrordinair, doors, frame, etc and applied a new coat of Stove Bright paint. It looks brand new. Problem is, the instuctions on the can says it cures through heat. But, theres no way for me to get the front faces of the doors and surrounding face plate hot enough...
  2. Jotel me this

    Pilot orifice? Where?

    I have a Travis Xtrordinair 44 fireplace. Page 12 says the 'air tubes under the baffle needs to remain ignited for low burns to be effective' and 'the primary orifice at the center bottom of the door opening is designed to help secondary combustion.' Im either blind or dumb. I have scoured this...
  3. S

    Advice for Travis xtrordinair 44 Elite

    We recently bought a cabin with a Xtrordinair 44 Elite in the family room. The unit was installed around 2004 and as far as I can tell has seen very little to no maintenance. There are a couple of issues with it and I would love to get some advice from members of the forum: it seems that the...
  4. Otis B Driftwood

    Non-Travis OEM Fan Blower Reostat/Variable Speed Switch

    Hello again, hope all are warm. I've tried searching this redundant subject for a specific clue: HOW to get a switch for a fan blower for a Travis® insert that won't die every year! It's no big deal to replace 'em, but it's REAL annoying. Anybody out there monkey with a variable speed...
  5. M

    Large or Small Hybrid FPX Insert - The BIG Debate

    I'm looking for some help from seasoned insert burners to decide which FPX hybrid insert to buy: large or small. My house is a 2000 sq ft rancher including a finished basement. The living room with fireplace is only 400 sq ft and the first floor with kitchen, dining room, and three bedrooms is...