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    Drolet Heat Commander

    Just plugged in the brand new drolet heat commander and have a clicking noise coming from behind the unit just above the blower fan. not certain, but I believe it may be the automated damper door wide open, clicking against the stopper. What’s odd is, it’s doing it when it’s plugged in and the...
  2. J

    2020 epa fire chief fc1000e

    New to this site, looking at purchasing a new high efficiency wood furnace. Not new to burning wood but definitely behind the curve with the newer high efficiency furnaces. I have been waiting for a Kuuma vapor fire 200 for almost a year and talked to them last week and it sounds like it will be...
  3. W

    Drolet tundra Unenclosed basement?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums but have been reading a bunch of post about the Drolet Tundra but haven’t seen an answer to my question yet. So here it is not going to bs anybody here I’m just looking for help/answers. I am considering buying a tundra unit however I have an unenclosed...
  4. M

    New tundra ii, blower seldom runs

    Just finished installing new Tundra ii, had three contractors come and look at it, noon of them wanted the job. Was excited to get some heat out of it, but the blower kicks on very, very seldom. The fire send to burn ok, just no heat. I haven't hooked up to the thermostat yet, forgot to get the...