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    Ventis HE1240 Not Drafting Properly

    I have a Ventis HE1240 insert. I had it installed about 3 months ago, it's been working great. Except the last week we've been getting pretty steady rain and now when I start a fire when the door is first cracked, I get a ton of smoke pouring into the house. This wasn't happening previously...
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    Ventis HE1240 Install Faceplate

    I have a Ventis HE1240 Insert installed into my fireplace (pictures below.) It has about 3" gap on top and 5" on the sides. The installer said he was coming back with the faceplate, but flaked out. So I'm wondering where I can order the faceplate, how to pick out the correct one, and how to...
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    Olympia HE250 vs the Kozy Z42?

    Are there any Olympia Ventis HE250 opinions or reviews out there? I been scouring the internet and can not find anything. I have an old 1985 Preway fireplace insert and this past winter, it proved to be extremely inefficient to provide much heat while I was stuck without electric for a week...