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  1. Jotel me this

    Propane company insists propane is cheaper than electric water heater

    Anyone ever have their propane company try to convince you propane is cheaper than electric? Years ago I had my propane water heater converted to electric because the pilot light /usage was draining my tank ridiculously fast. At the time, I was new to being on propane so I called the propane...
  2. A

    Soapstone and Water Heating Considerations on Buying a Wood Stove

    Hi Everybody, I'm trying to decide on a wood stove for my home expansion project. It will need to do the following: Heat a minimum of 1600 square feet (800 downstairs, 800 upstairs, square floorplan) - stove will be centrally located Heat a maximum of 2200 square feet if I add a 600 square...
  3. Jotel me this

    New electric water heater makes shower cold?

    New electric heater installed. We have two showers in the house. I took a shower. My spouse used the warm water in the sink... my shower got cold. This never happened with our propane water heater. Thoughts and thanks! !!!