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  1. S

    Type of weld to be used on a propane tank woodstove

    I am building a propane tank wood stove. I have opened up the propane tank and filled it up with water twice. I’ve got it ready to be welded up. I plan to add legs, a door, a breather, and the pipe adapter for the chimney. I am curious as to what weld is best for this type of project.. flux...
  2. F

    Alderlea T4 Repair

    Hi all, First time posting. I recently bought a used Alderlea T4 (09 -14 model) but was unaware of how bad of shape the firebox is in... I know I can get replacement parts for the baffle, brick rails, flame shield, etc. The exterior is cast iron and looks good, no cracks, warping or dents, but...
  3. VirginiaIron

    Log Splitter- Show us your log splitter.

    It seems there are various postings online about a specific log splitter. Hopefully we can compile a thread of nothing but log splitters- all types. It does not matter if it is powered by electric, gas, foot, or arm or if you found it in the trash, purchased it, swapped something for it...