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  1. RomanW

    Well that worked out well!

    My stove has been super finicky the last couple of months, and yes, I'm still getting used to how to run it. But we get some pretty serious wind here (more than I'm used to), and it was causing havoc with the stove. Even had it push smoke out of the joints once on a big gust (While fully warmed...
  2. C

    Outside damper?

    We have a Harman wood stove in our cabin. Last week, we had very high winds in the area. When trying to heat the cabin this past weekend, the fire burned too hot with a lot of flame. (There was little to no wind at this time.) The damper inside is part of the stove itself, with a sliding...
  3. G

    Direct Vent Gas Log Insert V/S the Wind

    We had a new fireplace built with a direct vent gas log insert installed. It vents straight out the back of the house. The problem is that it is on the windy side of the house. Every time the wind blows the flames grow big and blue then go out. I had a guy come in to look at it and he said its...