zero clearance insert

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  1. J

    Zero Clearance Insert recommendation

    Hello. I'm wanting some recommendations on wood burning inserts for my superior zero clearance fireplace. The model number is WRT2036WS. Thank you
  2. J

    Old house with coal vents

    Our 1846 home has 6 fireplaces with beautiful marble mantels that were previously used for coal and do not have fire boxes, just a closed up vent pipe. Of course, the chimneys are also not lined (we have 2 chimneys). We would like just one wood burning fireplace. Is a zero clearance insert an...
  3. Patanna

    Warring Fireplace Experts...need advice

    I live in northeast Florida where it becomes chilly and sometimes cold. I have a zero clearance fireplace that I hate. My house is 2300 sq. ft. and was built in 2005. I'm not looking to heat the entire house, only to supplement the heat pump, mostly in the family room kitchen area where the...