1,000/800-Watt Inverter Portable Gasoline Generator, GEN1000I $170

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Dec 27, 2010
Hudson Valley, NY
That's a really nice price. I wonder if anyone has any experience with the reliability of that brand, I might have to pick one up for general purposes. I don't really need it for the stove though. I have a cyberpower UPS that when tested on my last stove gave me 40 minutes of use which is more than enough time. We fortunately rarely loose power here and when we do it's usually only for a few minutes or under a half hour. Any longer than 30 minutes I do have a regular open frame generator with a transfer switch on my breaker panel that controls 6 important circuits, including the pellet stove. The Cyberpower UPS gives me enough time to start the generator if the power is still out by 20-30 minutes.



Minister of Fire
Sep 10, 2018
Newport, Wa
I agree on $$$. I will wait see if it's really needed. I also have 7kw Generator. Not PSW for Pellet Stove, but can charge battery if long term use required. Have yet to go more than 10 hours without power