18-19 Pro Pellets


Minister of Fire
May 31, 2010
Northern Michigan
Any using these pellets this last season notice that they are burning weird ?? I'm really good about keeping my stove clean as I have had a pellet stove for 9 years now. I noticed that when burning them this year they don't break down in the pot as much and create the fly ash that is normal. I look down into the pot and they are glowing red, but are not dissolving into bits. I guess this is the only way I can explain it. So after about 20 hours of burning, the pot gets about 2 inches of these at the bottom. Where normally they would break down and turn into fly ash and fly upward into the box. Anyone else experiencing this with the Pro Pellets this year or at least noticed that they are different ? Ty...

Wooden Head

Burning Hunk
Sep 14, 2009
West Michigan
This year I've burned ProPellets from last year and this year and have not noticed any difference. The last year product was stored on a pallet in the poll barn since January of 2018. Both last years and this have burned well with little ash. My stove is a Quad SantaFe

David M

Oct 13, 2015
Sand Lake NY
I have the same situation with pellets that I have ordered for the last five years. The Pacific Cleanfire Blend pellets this year are terrible.


Feeling the Heat
Oct 7, 2012
Northwest Lower Michigan
Only difference I have noticed this season is more fines, and a few more long pellets (which I snap if I see them). My stove pushes fines through no problem. But for me they burn just as good, just as hot, and my stove stays just as clean, if not cleaner than last season. No blockage or buildup in the burn pot even after burning nonstop for a week. Just a little scale on the bottom of course.

These come from southwest Michigan. Don't know what it was like there. I keep reading about the wet summer. Up here I think we had one of the driest summers on record.