1997 Country Flame Little Rascal with the knob controls - any info?

Don2222 Posted By Don2222, Sep 17, 2012 at 6:52 PM

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    Have a friend with one and the room blower stopped working. It has 5 Snap Discs and when AES took over country flame this older stove was not supported so they could not tell me which Snap Disc was for the room blower! So I figured it out and replaced it and got the room blower working again.

    The stove has a 3" to 4" pellet pipe adapter on the back which goes into 4" pellet pipe up about 5 feet and into a 25 foot high center block chimney in the basement with no OAK.

    My question is:
    The stove is wicked hard to start. The old square white ceramic ignitor get real hot after a very long time. Maybe 1/2 hour or more. Many of the pellets fall in the rectangular gap behind the burn pot. According to the support rep, the combustion blower starts on high and after only 60 Seconds drops down! I never heard it drop down. The door gasket looks ok but could be replaced.

    Any know or have experience with making improvements to this stove? It works now but could work alot better!

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