1st extended burn on quad santa fe insert-good results

offingmoot Posted By offingmoot, Sep 17, 2008 at 6:45 PM

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    Jul 15, 2008
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    i was getting poor flame heights during my previous 1-2 hour burns even with the feed rate all the way open, so i wanted to try the other pellets i have
    i ran it till the hopper was almost empty and added different pellets
    the 1st ones were energex hardwood
    now using softwood, pine, they are much shorter, thinner, and have less dust
    almost immediately the flame got brighter and hotter
    at all the way open on the feed rate the energex were 1-2 inches out of the pot on high
    suddenly they were 4-6 and looked just like the dvd
    i was almost 4 hours into a 5 hour burn, it was chilly out and i was experimenting with fans
    blowing the colder, lower air towards the heat source was much more effective than trying to blow the heat to the cold rooms, ceiling fans, even in reverse mode still give just enough breeze to make it feel chilly so i shut all but the one in the insert room
    once the pine got going it was unbearable in the insert room and the thermostat in the hallway went up 2 degrees in 20 minutes after i was averaging less than 2 an hour
    it was 61 outside at midnight and 83 in the house, it was like being in the middle of a heat wave with no ac, trust me i lived in my house almost 3 full summers until i had central air installed in july, it was very hot in the whole house excepet for one bedroom we will be keeping closed, its parallel to the insert
    i am home today and im keeping all the windows open so get the house as cold as possible and then do about a 2 hour burn tonight
    when i started it was 70 in the house
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