2 ft Thimble and a 90

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Oct 18, 2023
Hello all, I'm new here, glad to find a forum like this of fellow wood burning enthusiasts. I moved to Maine ten years ago and the first thing I did when I got here was install a woodstove in my house. I got a great price on a refurbished Liberty Lopi with a glass window, had a 6" metal liner put in the existing brick chimney, and I've been enjoying the long dark Maine winter nights ever since. But I've run into an issue with cleaning the liner.

The stove is sitting in front of the existing brick fireplace. The stovepipe extends 3 ft up and then makes a 90 towards the wall and the brick chimney behind it. There is a 2 ft thimble going through the wall and into the chimney, and then another 90 attached to the liner.

I would like to be able to sweep this chimney liner myself, but I'm unsure of how to approach this. This is a two story house with a metal roof and a steep pitch. None of the professional chimney sweeps I've had come out over the years have wanted to go up on this roof, and I don't blame them, I'm not crazy about it either. But when I had a pro sweep the chimney from the bottom, I have the feeling they didn't get all the way to the top of the liner with their whip style brush.

My question for everyone is: how would you approach cleaning this setup from the bottom? Are the nylon rods stiff enough to handle a 30ft liner? Is it possible that the sweeping I've had done professionally actually did reach all the way to the top and I'm over concerned here? Or is this a setup that just needs to be done from the top?

Thanks in advance! It's good to be here!

2 ft Thimble and a 90
I have the kit with the black rods. They make it through the stove flue collar and up, but in this situation I'd opt for the more flexible white rods.
yeah I was looking at that exact kit, with the black rods, yesterday at the local hardware store. Flexible as they were, I didn't see myself pushing 10 of those rods through the 2ft and then up the elbow.
the SootEater arrived today, and it worked perfectly. 25' of liner with a 90 bend and the job was done in little over an hour. I put a new gasket on the door, and I'm ready for our first frost tonight. Thanks again for the suggestion!
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