2020 Green Teams at Lowes

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Feeling the Heat
Apr 2, 2014
Bloomingburg NY
I purchased 2 tons of these back in august or september, I also had on hand 2 1/2 tons of the same from last year (Lowes exclusive) printed on bag like this year's ) as well as half of the 2 1/2 tons left over from 2018.. I went through those two "vintages" at the start of the 2020 \2021 season and they flowed through my sifter \ vacuum setup flawlessly with few to no extra long pellets. I have now gone through a full ton of them from this seasons purchase, and while they burn well as always, there are significantly increased amounts of extra long pellets and due to this, do not pass through my sifter very well at all .. a bit of a disappointment and extra work... As an added ding, Lowes would not offer a 10% discount on these with purchase of a ton or more as they had in the past , but still offer the discount on green supremes etc (Lowes store 540)
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