25-PDVC Control Panel Mounting Screw

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Dec 5, 2023
This may be a minor issue, but...

I just replaced the control panel (PU-CB04) on my PDVC-25 with a new one. The existing screws that mounted the old board to the stove don't fit into the new panel.

The existing screws are an M5 screw (I don't know the thread spacing) and seem just a bit too big to fit into the holes on the new board. There's no way they'll fit in without putting some serious force behind them, and I don't want to wreck the holes and have no way to attach the panel to the stove.

I tried the following screws with no success:

M4-.70. Too loose, passed through the hole without the threads grabbing.
#10-24. Too big to fit in the hole.
#10-32. Too big to fit in the hole.

Does anyone know the actual screw that is supposed to go in the PU-CB04, before I keep running to the store and buying more and more screws? FWIW, the control panel was shipped from a manufacturer in Canada.

Thanks for any input!
A #8 screw is 1/32” smaller than a #10.

#10 is 3/16”
#8 is 5/32
#6 is 9/64

It may be easier to just call SBI.
Thanks for the reply. I did end up calling SBI, who gave me the number for Englander.

Englander said the holes are not threaded and to use a #8 self-tapping. But, the #8 was too small. In the end I just used a couple self-tapping that I had on hand, and called it good enough.
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